Folding Door Systems, which is the most elegant way of connecting your living spaces to balconies, terraces or winter gardens, brings nature to the front of your door by creating spacious spaces.

This system enhances comfort by practical use and refreshing your interior space, adding to your life perfect sound and heat insulation.

Fast, durable, economical doors that are not affected by exterior conditions. It offers extremely high efficiency at low cost and operating costs. The folding doors also have a real aesthetic superiority in terms of aesthetics. When choosing your own high-speed door, let me offer you unconventional choices that fit any exterior look. 8m wide and 6m high, the folding door opens even at a speed of up to 2 m / s; thus playing an active role in energy saving.

In the case of options, we come across a versatile option table. There are many options for adapting your folding door to the look you want with various wing sections, bar arrangements and staves.

The folding doors are made of aluminum and steel, and this composition corresponds to the highest quality strands. It is made of stainless aluminum with door panels and is equipped with a single acrylic panel which allows the daylight to enter the building in a very large amount. The two panel insulation coating provides excellent heat and insulation properties.

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