It is a system that is compatible with the seasonal change with its speciality for folding glass and reaching the same spot.

Glass balcony closing systems create aesthetics and functionality. It is convenient and durable as well as offering color options suitable for your designs and taste.

All the glasses used in glass balcony closing systems are 8 and 10 mm tempered glass, so the risk of breakage against the crush is at the lowest level.

Glass balcony closure systems allow you to close all kinds of places with color options and product range.


- It provides an aesthetic appearance
- It reduces external factors such as rain, snow, wind, dust, etc. up to 80%
- It provides security -Cleaning is easy thanks to its folding features
- You can enjoy your balcony four seasons
- It is attractive and remarkable
- It creates architectural impressiveness
- In case of broken glass in unusual effects, small parts will not damage.

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