Metro glass balcony is different from the standard glass balconies and  makes the balcony a useful room of the house in terms of both visualization and function.

Metro glass balconies with Tempered-glazed glass offer top-level glass-balcony insulation that can be reached in their systems. Thermally insulated glass thickness 4 + 20 + 4 double glass tempered glass is used on both sides between two glass and aluminum roving magnet and bristles are made up with Tempered. It can be used as a balcony room with wing width 40-65 cm and height up to a maximum of 260 cm. The system consists from 4 to 8 rollers in each wing and system can be carried from bottom to top. Glass feature of the system to prevent water from entering at the bottom of the profiler is 20 mm and  venetian blind can be used.  Metro glass balcony system is own patented product and it brings solution to mechanical problems and it has been developed to be able to work very comfortably for many years without service.

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